Mini ATM

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Mini ATM, also known as a Micro ATM, is a portable machine that allows cash withdrawal using a customer’s debit card. These are generally found in areas where there are no regular ATMs. As like small shops in rural areas, the store owner uses mini ATMs to process your withdrawals. And also with it, you can get your cash as you shop at the store. They are useful for those who do not have a bank branch nearby or prefer not to carry a lot of cash.
An innovative micro ATM service has been introduced by Digital India Portal, enabling retailers to offer customers cash withdrawal services while receiving commission. People’s access to cash has changed as a result of the service, particularly in places with weak traditional banking infrastructure.

Mini ATM can Perform the Following Transactions:

  • Cash Withdrawal
  • Balance Enquiry
  • Mini Statement
  • Instant Commission
  • No Monthly Charges

Mini ATM Benefits for the Customers:

  • Skip the ATM Search: No more long drives or walks looking for an ATM. Mini ATMs are often located at convenient locations such as local stores, eliminating the need for additional travel.
  • Avoid queues: Forget about waiting in long lines at ATMs. Mini ATMs are generally less crowded, allowing quick cash withdrawals.
  • Wide availability: Mini ATMs are found in rural or remote areas where regular ATMs are lacking. This ensures easy access to cash.

Mini ATM Benefits for the Retailer:

  • Extra Income: For each cash withdrawal or other transaction done through the mini ATM, you earn commission on every transaction.
  • Increase Customers: By offering mini ATM services, your shop becomes a one-stop destination for customers who need cash. By which attracts new customers.
  • Improved Customer Convenience: Having a mini ATM makes your shop more convenient for customers, especially those who might not have a bank branch nearby. This enhances customer satisfaction and loyalty.
  • Less Cash Handling: Mini ATMs reduce the amount of cash you need to handle, saving you time and efforts.
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