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CSP Kiosk Banking is basically a mini bank set up at convenient locations like shops in rural areas. It allows people to perform basic banking functions without having to travel long distances to a full-fledged bank branch. It can also be called a mini bank, allowing deposits, withdrawals and even money transfers just like a bank, but with a person on hand to help when needed. It is especially useful for people who live away from banks or who are uncomfortable using regular bank branches.

Kiosk Banking BC model aims to provide timely, user-friendly banking services to the shopper in his or her neighbourhood. Has been the National ‘Business Correspondent’ for Digital India Portal. As per this arrangement, the portal is allowed to provide kiosk banking service to the existing retail network and create new kiosk banking agents across the country.

Customers can open bank accounts at SBI and Bank of Baroda kiosk banking outlets and perform all types of bank related transactions. These outlets are ready to provide end-to-end functionality with account opening or any online transaction.

Make your shop Mini bank & provide basic banking services to your customers!!!

CSP (Customer Service Point) kiosk banking advantages for Owner:

  • Commission on Transactions: CSP kiosk owners earn commission on each transaction processed, creating a potential new source of income.
  • Low startup costs: Compared to opening a full-fledged bank branch, setting up a CSP kiosk usually requires small investment.
  • Additional revenue sources: Some CSP kiosks offer additional services beyond basic banking, such as bill payments or selling mobile recharge plans. This can create more income opportunities.
  • Be a part of financial inclusion: CSP kiosks play a vital role in bringing banking services to deprived areas.

CSP (Customer Service Point) kiosk banking advantages for customers:

  • Convenience for customers: CSP kiosks bring banking services closer to people’s homes, especially in remote areas.
  • Faster transactions: Kiosks generally handle basic transactions like deposits, withdrawals and balance checks with less wait time than traditional banks.
  • Extended hours: Many kiosks operate extended hours or even on weekends, giving customers more flexibility in accessing banking services that suit their schedule.
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