Cash Deposit

Digital India Portal

The cash deposit facility of Digital India Portal allows you to turn your store into a small bank and earn respectable profits. As you know, there are fewer banks in the rural parts of our country, which makes it difficult for the people living there to deposit money in the banks. Banks are located away from villages or in urban areas. Due to this many don’t able to deposit money in the bank. As we all know when crops are harvested in the villages and money comes by selling the crops, there is so much danger in keeping them nearby. That is why after seeing all these problems, we have brought the facility of cash deposit to your doorstep. Now any person can start his business by taking the ID of Digital India Portal and can provide the solution to the problems faced by not going to the bank in his neighborhood and can also provide the solution to the problem of depositing money from his store.


  • Deposit Money instantly
  • Available 24/7
  • Deposits may occur on Sundays and public holidays also
  • Instant confirmation to sender by SMS
  • Safe and Secure transaction


  • Deposit money to all PSUs and private banks
  • Easy to use cash deposit service
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